The microbiome is all the microorganisms that live in our body and on our skin surface. The skin's microbiome protects us against infections and supports the immune system. The Biomica series takes special care of the microbiome, keeping the optimal pH level.

Meet our new products that will take care not only of your face skin, but of your scalp as well! Excessive hair cleansing, dyeing and styling, and constant stress badly impact the microbiome of the scalp. The Biomica Hair products will help neutralize the pathogenic bacteria, remove discomfort and scalp itch.

Micellar Shampoo for sensitive scalp
Gently but effectively cleanses hair and helps restore scalp microbiome balance. Recommended for dyed, bleached or perm hair.
How to use: apply to wet hair, massage and thoroughly rinse with water.

Balm Mask for sensitive skin
Gently restores damaged hair and maintains the scalp microbiome balance.
How to use: apply to scalp and wet hair. Leave for 3-5 minutes. Thoroughly rinse.

And there is a new Biomica product for your face care: Micellar Water for oily & combination skin!
Contains panthenol and allantoin to soften and moisturize skin. Can be used to remove makeup. Soothes oily and combination skin, prone to imperfections