Do The Best is a collection of primers that will prepare your skin for the perfect makeup application and help your makeup stay on all day! The series was created in collaboration with the developers of decorative cosmetics and perfectly matches with any Faberlic makeup products.

Feel the Matt Raspberry Mousse Primer
The whipped soufflé-like texture incredibly gently and softly covers your skin, preparing it for makeup application. The primer makes it ultra-velvety, smooth and matte in seconds.

Hydration Hits Moisturizing Serum Primer
The lightweight water-based gel texture perfectly smoothes and moisturizes skin, preparing it for an even application of makeup. A unique LIQUID DROP technology featuring a concentration of active moisturizing components in each "drop-capsule". When applied, the capsules open, providing long-lasting hydration!

Pore Strike Poreless Primer
The lightweight texture spreads easily over the skin, creating a smooth and even surface for even application of the foundation.

Hold My Look Eyeshadow Primer
A product that is simply indispensable for an expressive eye makeup! Increases the brightness of eyeshadow, making them look denser and more saturated.

Start preparing for your makeup right now with the Do The Best collection!