Главные-события 460-enThe events that you can't miss, the events that we eagerly await every year! They inspire you and fill you with energy and new ideas. This is where we meet friends and rejoice in the victories we and our colleagues reached: Faberlic International Forum 2019 and True-life Stories 2. Business!

This September you can see two main events on one stage, so hurry and buy tickets!


Faberlic International Forum 2019 in Moscow

  • Date: 21 September
  • Venue: Rossiya-Hall, Luzhniki, Moscow.
  • Participants: all Faberlic Representatives
  • Cost: 8000 rub. For your convenience, we have divided the ticket price into 4 parts, which are all available in your Personal Profile in the Services section (2000 rub. for each one). By purchasing the 1st part of the ticket you become a guaranteed participant of the event, and the 2nd part of the ticket can be purchased only after the 1st one, etc.

Our forum's special guest will be Radislav Gandapas, one of the most famous experts in leadership and public speaking and the most titled business coach in Russia. 

True-life Stories 2. Business

  • Date: 22 September
  • Venue: Rossiya-Hall, Luzhniki, Moscow.
  • Cost: 2000 rub. For your convenience, we have divided the ticket into 2 articles at 1000 rub. each.
    Tickets are available in the Services section.

16 Leaders, brought together by Faberlic, will speak with you about business in the language of theatre. They will share their knowledge, experience, and tools with you, and explain how the 5 main tenets of Faberlic helped them achieve success. It's going to be vibrant, beautiful, and emotional!

Keep up with all the news in our VK group: https://vk.com/faberlic_event

See you in Moscow!

the Faberlic team