Bloom ExpThe innovative Bloom antiaging skin care line with biocapsules of youth has instantly become a favourite of the fair sex and unsurprisingly caused many questions. Here they are, answered by Тatiana Baranova, Faberlic manager for Research and Development.

What is so special in the Bloom skin care line?

The Bloom line offers products for three age groups: 35+, 45+, 55+. Innovation and uniqueness of the formula takes shape in biocapsules of youth.

Bloom biocapsules are cellular concentrates of flowers encapsulated in a protective cover similar to human skin structure. They penetrate deep into your skin, saturate it with useful substances and launch rejuvenation processes.

Plants possess a unique self-reproduction ability – from a leaf, a stem or a root of a full-grown plant. What makes it possible is a special predecessor tissue – meristem – that preserves physiological activity. Meristemal cells are rich with substances essential for cell nourishing and cell reproduction – amino acids, peptides, antioxidants. Meristem is most concentrated in the leaf buds, young roots, and shoot apex. Modern biothechnologies make it possible to extract meristemal cells rich with active substances and use them for skin rejuvenation. 

What are biocapsules of youth?

Biocapsules of youth are biomimetic capsules similar to human skin structure that contain cellular concentrates of flowers, in other words, “bubbles” with a lipidic coating. Lipidic layer, like cement, connects keratinized cells – bricks in the external layer of skin, and protects our body from environmental factors. Only ingredients of a similar structure can pass that barrier, i.e. move through intercellular corridors. Such as the Bloom biocapsules of youth. The capsules imitate natural biological processes and deliver valuable components directly to problem zones where useful substances are gradually released, triggering deep rejuvenation processes.

Why does the product line contain serums? Do they make skin care more efficient?

To achieve a better cosmetic effect, professionals all around the world recommend to apply serums under creams. A serum helps infuse skin with active ingredients and enhance the impact of creams used afterwards. The difference between serum and cream is firstly in a higher concentration of active, skin efficient components. The rich formula of serums helps skin absorb substances at the cellular level and delivers them to the deep layers of epidermis. Still, it requires two products – serum and cream, to achieve the desired result. The light texture of serum serves as a great transport that delivers active ingredients into skin, while cream contains oils and ingredients that restore the external protective layer and “lock” active ingredients delivered by serum, inside the skin.

Is Bloom cosmetics perfumed?

The Bloom products have a subtle, faint scent of flowers that are included in the formula: jasmine, tuberose, iris.

Is Bloom line suitable for sensitive skin?

Yes, Bloom cosmetics is designed for all skin types. If your skin is extra sensitive, ease your concerns by testing the cream at the inner side of the wrist.

Bloom products are paraben-free, What does that mean?

Parabens serve as conserving agents with antibacterial and antifungal effects. The main objective of using them in cosmetic and food manufacturing industry is to prolong shelf life. The best before period for paraben-containing creams is 2 years. Bloom cosmetics is paraben-free. Phenoxyethanol and ethyl hexyl glycerine of non-natural origin are used to conserve the products. So, their best before date is 18 months from the manufacturing date and 6 months after opening.