prez7More sun, more sky, more sea – your carefree vacation is in the new Faberlic catalogue! Enjoy the moments of happiness: choose your summer look and delicious details of your healthy menu.

Acqua di Portofino is a limited collection of glowing makeup filled with the mood of the Italian coast. Gorgeous shimmer on your lips, impeccable tanned-looking skin and mascara with the effect of glossy eyelashes – catch the flecks of sunlight and create your makeup, Italian style! Pay attention to the bronzer and highlighter with the unique marble texture, lip glosses with pH pigments and nail polishes glimmering with aquamarine shades.

Everyone goes wherever they want, and we’re going to the beach! We are opening the season of ultra comfortable beach clothes: choosing trendy loose cuts, elegant multiprint and 100% viscose. Don’t forget sunglasses, light footwear and a straw hat!

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The leading part in a seductive makeup goes to the new mascara with a push up effect. New addition to our product range, it lifts, curls and lengthens eyelashes, creating a gaze that perfectly matches your May mood! Just the right moment to try everything that this fuzzy fiber brush is capable of.

Health goes hand in hand with beauty: look at all these wholesome and tasty products in our main series for healthy eating! Wellness soups are added with your favourite tastes: browse the catalogue for pea, chicken and Mediterranean with shrimps ones. Nechaev Family Club collection offers the smart salt, with less sodium content but enriched with dietary fibres and collagen. And one more thing, the bracing coffee is finally here for you! Beans or ground, for mornings or afternoons – make your energy choice at a 55% off.

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Live with appetite, indulge yourself with tiny pleasures. Smart shopping starts here!

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In the video presentation of catalogue 7/2021 (3 - 23 May), business coach Natalya Mecheva introduces you to the brightest new makeup products, summer accessories, nail products and makeup gadgets.

Watch the video overview and learn more about skin, body and hair care products and perfumes. Discover new products and learn about major discounts and promotions!

Follow the best offers of the catalogue and enjoy your shopping!