People are an integral part of the planet Earth and its happy and healthy future depends on each and every one of us. Every year, more than 21 million barrels of oil are poured into the world's oceans, while more than 40 million tons of waste also gets dumped, forming large landfills on the surface of the water. These are problems people should try to solve together.

In the fall of 2020, FABERLIC launched the Eco-country social project to collect used plastic packaging from branded cosmetics, with the aim of returning plastic to the production cycle and reducing the company’s environmental footprint. During the work of the project, 810 plastic packaging acceptance points were opened.

However, the trend to recycle* can also be traced to the world of high fashion, which has always been an experimental arena for creativity. Today the experiment is aimed at the secondary use of materials, the main theme of the BURMATIKOV COUTURE X FABERLIC clothing collection, which is being presented in the photo project by the company's employees. A collection of clothing that features unique denim, handmade embroidery, designs that mimic tattoos – everything which has been “recycled”. We can give things a second life by supporting conscious consumption.

Flowers can still bloom even where a person thoughtlessly pollutes the planet. Living beauty is stronger than a plastic footprint! Employees of the cosmetics company FABERLIC have created a beautiful photo project – which asks you to help nature by reducing the number of landfills.

Everyone can acquire new and wholesome habits which will inspire others to lead an eco-friendly lifestyle!

*From the English for. “repeat cycle” – processing of pre-used materials in order to create new products.

**All plastics used during filming were recycled, and no potted plants were damaged during filming.